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Electric Bicycles are most suitable for the people who travel 20-40kms per day by bus or any public transport for work or school/college. The limited speed makes it safe to drive. Electric Bicycles use rechargeable Lithium Ion removable batteries with 1000+ charging cycles and speed upto 25 KMPH. All the parts such as the motor, battery are water proof which makes it easy to be used in all weather conditions.

eBikes help with the global crisis of pollution and traffic congestion on the roads, and help with the problem of long, frustrating road journeys for work and pleasures.

What About Electric Bicycle?

Electric Bicycle the new generation’s eco friendly means to travel around the world with health and environment benefits and good for all age groups. Seeing the pollution growing across it’s a high time to switch to zero-emissions vehicles. Let us all together contribute to build a healthy environment. e-Bikes are clean and green. Cycling as a means of transport is of course green,environment friendly and a great fitness companion.

1. eBike Motor

In our Electric Bicycles we have 250 watts 3 phase hub motor mounted in rear/front wheel.

ebike controller

4. e-Bike Controller

Electric Bicycle Controller is a device that has total control over the Bicycle.

hailong case

2. eBike Battery

Our Electric Bicycle we use Lithium Ion battery with 36 Volts Power Output.

gps tracker ecycle

5. e-Bike GPS Tracking

EBikes have inbuilt GPS system so you can use real time tracking.

ebike display

3. eBike Display

Our EBikes have digital display that show speed, battery indicator and total distance.

6. Bicycle

Electric Bicycles are having a good quality bicycle with alloy/steel frame.

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