GPS Tracker is a combination of Device and Mobile App with following features.

1. Live Tracking: Real-time location and Address

2. Engine Access : Switch on or switch off vehicle using your mobile, from anywhere. A great feature for theft and related emergencies.

3. Playback History: Watch full day history to see where your vehicle went. You can Watch Maximum 6 months history.

4.Geo-fence: Mark office, home or any place as Geo-fence to get push notification on vehicle entry and exit from Geo-fence. This features keeps you updated for all entries and exist with timestamp.

5. Daily Stats: Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle.

6. Compatibility: Compatible with Car, Bus, Truck, and Bikes.

7 Login: Multiple vehicles can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard.

8. Anti Theft Alarm: Instant alarm in case of theft case such as ignition turn on or towing of vehicle..

9. Share location of your vehicle with family and friends without sharing the password. GPS Tracker can be installed at any hidden portion of the vehicle. One can track all his/her vehicles on single mobile dashboard.