E-bike the new generation’s eco friendly means to travel around the world with health and environment benefits and good for all age groups. Seeing the pollution growing across it’s a high time to switch to zero-emissions vehicles. Let us all together contribute to build a healthy environment. 

These e-bikes are now available in your city as well. DB GREEN INDIA ENTERPRISES launches this product and gives you an opportunity to go for this beautifully, differently designed two wheeler with no expense of petrol and diesel. As an organisation we are very enthusiastic about electric bikes and the potential for them to enable many people to enjoy riding a bike for transportation and recreation. They are cheaper and more durable than other vehicles and have a low maintenance cost. In a daily busy schedule where we have no time for exercise this vehicle gives you this benefit also.

E-bikes are most suitable for the people who travel 20-40kms per day by bus or any public transport for work or school/college. The limited speed makes it safe to drive.

E-bikes use rechargeable Lithium Ion removable batteries with 1000+ charging cycles and speed upto 25 KMPH. All the parts such as the motor, battery are water proof which makes it easy to be used in all weather conditions.

E-bikes are 18 times more energy efficient than an SUV,13 times more energy efficient than a sedan and 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit plus they emit no combustion by-products. It looks like a normal bicycle but it has two options on electric mode. It can be driven without using the pedals with the help of accelerators inbuilt in the cycle like a motorbike and paddle assist using less power from battery and giving more efficiency.

E-bikes help with the global crisis of pollution and traffic congestion on the roads, and help with the problem of long, frustrating road journeys for work and pleasures.

 E-bikes are clean and green. Cycling as a means of transport is of course green,environment friendly and a great fitness companion.